The next edition of the D-Day Landings Marathon should have allowed us to share together strong emotions through sport, solidarity and a rediscovered Liberty. A liberty that's so precious to us and that we're eager to meet up with in the near future. It's with a heavy heart that we announce that the 33rd edition of the D-Day Landings Marathon won't take place from June 12th to 14th 2020 as it was planned.

Specific solutions for each race

The DNA of the D-Day Landings Marathon find it’s origin in the tribute to the D-Day Landings and the Battle of Normandy of June 1944. This period imbued with history and emotions is what makes our event. Furthermore, the national running calendar is already overloaded, the solution of a report at the end of the year would be illogical.
However, in the deception of this announcement, we’re happy to share a good new. The Rochambelle 2020, the women’s race in aid of the fight against female cancers is postponned to October, 25th, 2020. The postponnement’ll allow us to shed light on the charity purpose of that event with « pink october », a month in France dedicate to the fight against female cancers.
That edition’ll also bring a parallel between the Rochambelles of the 2nd armoured division and today’s Rochambelles that work each day for everyone health, accompanied by all of our daily heroes.

Pratical informations

To each participants who register for the Marathon, the Half, the 10K, the Relay or the Rollers, you’ll have differents options : deferment of your registration for the 2021 edition, donation to our association or be reimbursed. To each participant of the Rochambelle, your registration is automatically transfered to October, 25th. We’ll email you in a few days with all the pratical informations.

Thank you for all the kindliness you’ve been showing us and the numerous messages of support we received. That kind of decision isn’t without consequences for our non-profit organisation. The future of the association is endangered but we feel well supported to continue. Your strengh is with us and we’ll do everything to overcome the upcoming difficulties.

We also want to thank warmly our partners and volunteers for their amazing support in this difficult time.

Before seeing you in 2021 to celebrate a new intense moment of sport, history and solidarity, we’ll be there on october, 25th, for a new edition of the Rochambelle which promise more solidarity and intensity as ever before.


Thank you for your understanding.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones.


The organizing team of the D-Day Landings Marathon.