Heritage discovery event, this short distance over a flat terrain enables more people to participate, uniting beginners and weathered competitors in a single event, all in a friendly, open atmosphere in the city. As well as having an FFA national label, the 10K - Crédit Agricole Normandie is a particular race: over 50% of its runners are women, a record!

During this race, personal endeavour is coupled with the discovery of the major milestones of the city (The Prairie, the castle, the city hall, etc.). You'll feel a speacial atmosphere in the heart of the city during the race.




14th june 2020

Start: Caen 8:40 am - Finish: Parc Expo of Caen.

FFA national label - Limited to a maximum of 5,000 participants.
Championships qualifier in France

Time limit : 1h30
Open to anyone born in 2004 and before (minimum age: 16 years old).

Registration is open until June 10, 2020 (subject to availability).


Discover the course of the 10 km 2020 by clicking here.

Timing chips integrated into bibs, refreshments every 5km, cold sponges, changing rooms, showers, buffet of local food from Saveurs de Normandie, musical entertainment along the course, New Balance technical t-shirt, etc.

The registration fee of the 10K is €18.
Enjoy promotional rate of €15 until 31 March.

Students and jobseekers benefit from opening rate of €12 all year long. A proof of situation will be request during the registration. Learn more about the promo codes to enter when registering by clicking here.

Men: Chris DAVIES in 30’11’’ in 2008 (UK)
Women: Patricia LOSSOUARN in 34’41’’ in 2009 (FR)

Results of the 2019 10K by clicking here.

For any request concerning the elite level or the prize money, please contact us at the following address

Photos of the 2019 10K by clicking here.
Video of the 2019 10K by clicking here.

The 10K is limited in 1 hour and 30 minutes with the following split time limits :
- km 5 in less than 45' ;
- km 8 in less than 1:12 ;

For a preferential bib (departure in the 1st wave), you must send a request after registration by e-mail to the following address : Requests must be send before May 14th with a recent proof of performance.

Bibs will be removed upon presentation of an identity document on the Normandy Running Show at the Parc des Expositions in Caen (Rue Joseph Philippon). :


The presentation of an identity document is mandatory to remove your number. Also bring your bib number to avoid waiting upon removal.

For any bib removed by another person, this must provide his identity document and be provided with a photocopy of the identity document of the person for whom the bib is removed.

For minors, we need proof of identity. If the child doesn't have one, bring a photocopy of the family record book with you. This rule is valid for moms, grannies, and all adults wishing to remove a bib for a minor.

No pins will be distributed, remember to bring the necessary pins.

More informations on the collection of bibs by clickling here

Strating areas will be set up. Position yourself in the strating area corresponding to your time: elites and preferential bibs, -40’, -55’, -1h05, +1h05.

Clothing bags may be handed in to the truck located in the start area of the 10K

Showers and changing room will be available at the Sport Palace in Caen, next to the finish area.

Feed stations will be available to each 5 km wih refreshment point (water, bananas, oranges, sugar cubes and dried fruits). After the finish line, a local buffet will be offered by Saveurs de Normandie, to permit you to discover and savor local products.

A New Balance technical t-shirt will be awarded upon arrival.