The D-Day Landings Marathon is an event organized by an non-profit organization, created in 1988, the organization relies primarily on a strong core of volunteers, a team of faithful work throughout year alongside 3 employees to prepare each edition.

It is obvious but it is often stated that the D-Day Landings Marathon, like most sporting events, could not exist without the massive participation of volunteers.


The weekend of the event, there are now 1,600 volunteers who contribute to the success of the event. Their assignments may be different but their role is crucial in the reception and safety of the runner.

Volunteering within the Organizing Committee is based on the following notions:

  • Pleasure
  • Personal development
  • Team Work
  • Respect of others
  • Investment
  • Sharing


Anyone wishing to become a volunteer in the Organizing Committee agrees by registering to respect the rules established by the association.

4 good reasons to join the Dream Team

All the reasons are good for becoming a volunteer:

- Adhere to a serious but friendly state of minde
- Share your free time
- Develop sports practice
- Promote history and territory